Real Case Study: 5th Anniversary of the Referundum in Catalunya

During the second phase of the project, participants had the opportunity to witness a Catalan manifestation firsthand. The goal of the trip was to gather data and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of polarization in a real-life case study. The participants had prepared a set of questions related to the outcomes of polarization in advance, to guide their interviews with people at the demonstration.

The demonstration was taking place on the 5th anniversary of the Catalan independence referendum. Upon arriving at the location of the manifestation, the participants were struck by the large number of people in attendance. The crowd was diverse, with people of all ages and backgrounds present. Many of the participants were carrying signs and banners with slogans related to Catalan independence.

The participants then began to conduct interviews with some of the people in attendance. They asked them about their feelings towards the event and the demonstration they were seeing, and also about the impact of polarization on the Catalan society.

One participant expressed that they felt that the demonstration was peaceful, and that people were expressing their opinions in a respectful way. Another participant felt that the demonstration was organized and well-coordinated. They also noted that there was a strong sense of community among the participants.

The participants also had the chance to speak with people who were neutral on the issue, who explained that they felt that the situation was more complex than just for or against independence, and that there were valid arguments on both sides.

Overall, the field trip provided a valuable opportunity for the participants to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of polarization in the context of the Catalan independence movement. The firsthand accounts and perspectives they collected from the people they interviewed, particularly on the anniversary of the referendum, gave a real-life insight of the complexity of the issue and how it affects the people.