Lebanon Project

Having our eyes opened on the concept of polarization made us reevaluate every little detail and difference in our society. When we returned from the youth training on depolarization ready to start our local initiative, we took a step back and tried to pinpoint the core reason for immense polarization in Lebanon. After analyzing and reflecting we pinpointed our target group, children. Our decision was made; target the problem from its roots. 

Lebanon is known for its diversity in religion and political points of view which makes it special yet problematic and polarizing. Our goal was and is to spread the awareness on the importance of human fraternity and that a peaceful life all together is plausible and wonderful. An important part of our awareness is that difference is a strength and to live together does not mean to change and become the same. Our initiative is to conduct an awareness session (or two) with a group of children between the ages of 6 and 12, about diversity and bringing children from different backgrounds together to contribute to the depolarization of sectarianism in Lebanon.

The idea started with introducing the topic of diversity among children from a regional scout, which was also part of our volunteerism in Lebanon. We added this session to the program and introduced the concept of depolarization through fun age-appropriate games and tasks. The awareness session included the importance of believing and acknowledging diversity as a richness to Lebanon’s society and its role in the depolarization among Lebanon’s youth to encourage a better future. 

We made it a point to allow each child to understand that they can make a change in this world. A peaceful society is the responsibility of each and everyone of us from the youngest to the eldest. Little changes have great effects, taking a step back when we face a problematic difference and allowing ourselves to reflect before we act no matter the size of the issue will ensure a better future.

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