Tunisian Team

Our 6 days Journey of learning about polarisation in Sidi Bou Said!

 The first thing to be said about the training is the magical location! Everyone really enjoyed it, we never mind staying working if we had such a view! 

We are also very grateful to Erasmus+ for this amazing chance. It was an excellent experience from all the perspectives; the content, the exchange, the facilitation, the methods used, and the flow of the training. We believe that we finished this journey with some new knowledge that will be very much helpful for us when we implement the local activities. Another point that was distinguished in this training course is how the trainers highlighted both, the theoretical background and the practical dimension, with some actual relevant polarization issues. A great addition was the multinational participants, we really exchanged some practices, and not only that but also we believe we have an overlook some polarized issues in the different countries of the other colleagues, which is very much enlightening especially when we find some connecting dots with them. Also, we believe one of the main lessons that we get out with is how to work not only in a team but from different backgrounds, which is sometimes challenging but really rich when it comes to seeing how each one analyzes some issues based on their own critical thinking and personal methods. In the end, the Tunisian team can only be grateful for the core memories that we had and the knowledge that we had been taught. We hope that this will be only the start for bigger projects and a deeper impact on our local society.

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