This project is the fruit of collaboration between these NGOs !

The Program Phases

The project is an 8-month program directed towards the capacity building and competencedevelopment of youth work professionals, youth leaders, educators (from formal and non-formal sectors), and community mediators that are directly working with groups or arethemselves, young people with fewer opportunities at the local level.
The project in all its phases intends to work for, with, and by young people with feweropportunities targeted as well in
extreme polarization dynamics.
Youth workers, activists, Ethnic and linguistic minorities, migrants and refugees, young peoplefrom socioeconomic less advantaged communities who are
originally from and / or based in:Lebanon, Tunisia, Estonia and Spain
are the main target of the project.

  • Spring Training Course: 24-30 March 2022 – Tunis
  • Summer Local Activities
  • Autumn Seminar: 30 September – 6 October 2022 – Barcelona


The Capacity Building project “EuroMed Youth work for Intercultural Democratic Citizenship Preventing Polarisation” appears as a reflection on the role of youth work in preventing extreme polarisation affecting our communities and specially involving young people. Events in our societies have brought the consortium of youth work organisations from Tunisia, Lebanon, Spain and Estonia to analyse the complexity of addressing polarisation within the youth work perspective and its potential to prevent its dynamics. From the experiences developed at local level and previous Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, the consortium proposes to develop cooperation for innovation on Intercultural Democratic Citizenship practices and the exchange of good youth work practices in the field of the Prevention of Polarisation.The main aim of the project is to exchange best practices and develop innovative methodological approaches and practical tools through which youth workers, youth leaders and educators may engage with young people to explore root causes and develop competences to prevent violent extremism through democratic citizenship and human rights education.The programme included the exchange of good practices as well as the development of initiatives in cooperation with other civil society actors. Among the depolarisation methodologies that were shared during the course there were experiences in the development of Dialogue Circles, Living Libraries, Citizen Cohesion Spaces, Appreciative Dialogues …


Catalan Team

Polarization is an issue that trespasses borders, and thus, cannot be tackled without seeing its manifestation within different contexts. This is one of the pillars that this training session on polarization prevention aimed to provide by gathering young people from 4 distinct nationalities, putting them together not only to make them learn about how to …

Lebanese Team

Many societies are currently facing the issue of polarization. It increases the gaps in societies and enhances the “Us” vs. “Them” dynamics among communities. And to prevent polarization and contribute to the process of depolarization, a project entitled “Euro-Med Youth Work for Intercultural Democratic Citizenship Preventing Polarization” is being conducted. The project consists of three …

Tunisian Team

Our 6 days Journey of learning about polarisation in Sidi Bou Said!  The first thing to be said about the training is the magical location! Everyone really enjoyed it, we never mind staying working if we had such a view!  We are also very grateful to Erasmus+ for this amazing chance. It was an excellent experience …


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